martes, 19 de octubre de 2010


DAY N ° 1

  1. I get up in the morning to go to school 
  2. Today put much attention in the class of english
  3. Today i left early of school
  4. The novel it was very good but my mum me commanol to sleep
  5. When arrive to my mothe me taipen worm a lunch suprice 
DAY N ° 2

  1. Me east very happy this morning. Why was friday
  2. Today in the morning the mother sonia us scdding by indisapline 
  3. When reaches my vesin already were in party
  4. Was recive. Why iban to give the final of spanish
  5. Today to the ube a untoward uf a child
DAY N ° 3

  1. Today me get up very early 
  2. Today the theacher us di the answes of the task  of the units
  3. Today present the evaluation of natual
  4. In the ninht my mom me bag to  eat dog
  5. All the of ternoon me the pass in the Internet
DAY N ° 4 

  1. My mom me get up for go to mass 
  2. In the of ternoon me fuy for where a friend 
  3. My friend you haré many blrds in the patio
  4. She have a sister thatis name sofia and is very plaful and beatiful
  5. Reaches to my name in the nignt and nim conte to my mom and me acoste very tired and happy
DAY N ° 5

  1. Me east this morning and i a prayer for that me outside well in the day
  2. Was waiting   about results and glovy  to god me was well
  3. Today the theacher us put aba work in group
  4. All the livinge was waiting about result seet jery important
  5. Today us fuilurethe result why no era the thet that we expected
DAY N ° 6 

  1. Today the professor  us how a new compositio 
  2. Today me stden the pen pink
  3. Today the professor bag of classes of social by disordered
  4. Today my mom me made correct the acomular 
  5. Today me is without rest 
DAY N ° 7

  1. Today me east this morning with a pain of head and reaches aflernon to the school
  2. Today me delay in the school and raches afternon to my home
  3. Today reaches and mom me sconlding 
  4. Today is me loost the notebook of math and my mom me scolding and wine talk to the school
  5. Today me fall in the half of bridge
DAY N ° 8

  1. Today him is owe us to the vesina $ 200 of tha stationery
  2. Today my mom me punishmet why the i lie and vote the food
  3. Today the stolen 300  to nikol
  4. Today the professor made evaluation of workshop with  notebook and it pass in 4.5 why i if i the workshop
  5. Today me paint the nails of black with brillantine and my mom me scoldin
DAY N ° 9 

  1. In the morning my mom me scolding why vote the tickets
  2. In the morning my mom me lift of a cry and me cay the bed
  3. I was worried why no wise in that me iva to go 
  4. The class of today me se emed interesting
  5. My mom no tube silver for the transport of today
DAY N ° 10

  1. Me east  very cheerful  why no tapeworm any proldem
  2. Me bathe, breakfast and i left
  3. When reaches to  the school mostre all my tasks
  4. Reaches afternon to the home and my mom me scdding
  5. No me let see TV why was punished
DAY N ° 11

  1. Today me gave a kitten and is flame  josefa is very beatiful
  2. Today a girl is ladder by room of teachers
  3. Today nikol is callus in the ramp
  4. Today we playing to the hen harvest
  5. Today cottage me fall to the half of coliseum
DAY N ° 12

  1. Today my kitten is made popo below of meson
  2. Today me play do the cleanliness in my home why came my raw of  venezuela
  3. In the nights we to eat pizza with my raw
  4. Today we ISAD of flag why the mom sonia met years old and us no knem  
  5. Today played come of gala and us come is physical
DAY N ° 13

  1. Today me coste to the 11:30 pm  why le the work for last time
  2. Today the professor of math with a sheet and all us laugh of altahona
  3. Today saw a movie in lenguaje
  4. Today saw about videos of biology
  5. Today us we in group and was a disaster
DAY N ° 14 

  1. And whe me east him di thanks to god by the day of today
  2. My mom me said no you forget of fuck the silver of the buseta
  3.  Whe reaches to the school vi that all had the work of english and i no it tapeworm
  4. Whe  reaches to home me behave different let all in its site
  5. In the nigt my fadert came with invite to eat
DAY N ° 15

  1. Today the professor us made review of MID TEM and serve 40
  2. Today pass tha acomular in 35
  3. I have a kitten that is flame josefa
  4. To  my me stlon the cicionario of english
  5. The day of today was super
Karime gomez 

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